Carnivals are  fun and social events for kids and parents alike.  Redcliffe Peninsula SLSC encourage our members to compete but understand if you are not of a competitive nature.

There are various carnivals held throughout the nippers season. Nominations for these carnivals close approx 2 weeks prior to the event, please ensure that you have registered your child so that they don’t miss out.

Swimming Events

Surf Race – Swim around the buoys.

Run swim Run – Run along beach to green and yellow flag, enter water, swim around buoy and return to shore, again rounding the green and yellow flag and across finish line.

Wading Race – Enter water and  around the three water safety markers from left to right.

Wading Relay

Multi-Discipline Events

Cameron Relay – A team will consist of four competitors: a swimmer, two runners and a surf board paddler.  The swimmer swims around the buoys and tags first runner who proceeds to green and yellow flags and tags board paddler, board paddler should then paddle around the board course and tag second runner, second runner proceeds to flags and across finish line.

Surf Board Rescue Race – a patient and a board rescuer, the patient will enter the water and swim to their allotted buoy and place their forearm over the top of the buoy, on this the rescuer enters the water and paddles to buoy, pick up patient and return to shore.

Beach Events

Beach Sprint

Beach Relay – A team consists of four competitors with two members at either end of the course.

All Age Relay – A team consists of competitors of different age groups and run in order from youngest to oldest.

Beach Flags

2km Beach Run

Surf Ski & Surf Board Events 

Surf Board Race

Surf Board/Surf Ski Relay – A team consists of three competitors

Carnivals for older age groups are competitive.  All proficiencies must be completed prior to entering carnivals as well as surf education books being completed and submitted to branch (via club) prior to entry into branch championships.  Please note that all nippers from the U12’s upwards must also obtain their resuscitation certificate before submission of surf education books.