Age Managers

Our Age Managers are volunteers, most are parents of current nippers that have volunteered to help out and have completed the necessary courses.  Your first step is to complete the Junior Age Manager on line theory which can be found on the portal.  Do not have a Portal Account yet please see News page on how to start this process.

Become an Age Manager

We are always looking for more Age Managers, if you think you would like to help out please let us know, all age managers have to be members and complete an online course, for over 18yrs age managers there is also an additional course to complete which are held at least once a year.

Alternatively you can just help out with your child’s group without the added responsibility but remember a parent or guardian is required to stay during junior activities at all times. If a child is found to be unaccompanied, he/she will be signed off and have to sit out the rest of the activities in the clubhouse until a parent or guardian arrives.

Age Managers will also coordinate nominations for carnivals with the carnival registrar.

Many Age Managers attend carnivals with their age groups to help out with the marshalling of kids to their events with the help of their parents. If your child is leaving the club tent please ensure your Age Manager knows the child is leaving and when they will be returning to ensure correct marshalling is completed.


Age Managers On-Line Theory Instructions PPT