Club Championships

The club championships will be determined over 3 days of competition as indicated below. To be eligible for Age champion, nippers must compete in at least 2 of the 3 championship days but please note if you attend all three days all points will be calculated.  If bad weather cancels a championship day it WILL NOT be re-scheduled.  Any nipper who is not at Sunday activities but is competing in SLSQ carnivals will be marked as having attended Sunday activities.  Bonus points (one point for each activity listed below) will be given to each nipper that

  • attends 75% of Sunday activities o If you arrive late at Sunday activities please ensure that your Age Manager marks your attendance
  • competes at a carnival
  •  completes Surf Education
  •  participates in the Presidents Challenge
  •  collects at the door knock Surf Safe appeal

Competing at Age Championships will give you the following:

  •  First Place 10 pts
  •  Second Place 07 pts
  •  Third Place 05 pts
Age Group Recipient
Under 14  
Female Abigail Beddoe
Male Kian Erasmus
Under 13
Female Isabelle Leed
Male Hunter Quinn
Encouragement Annabel Saini
Under 12
Female Hayley Brunning
Male Cameron Plackett
Encouragement Will Bruinsma
Under 11
Female Alysha Parker
Male Zaine Vardon
Encouragement Rory O’Toole
Under 10
Female Giann Leed
Male Nate Benjak and Tristan Moffat
Encouragement Emily Robins
Under 9
Female Annabel Cox
Male Lucca Sanson
Encouragement Abigail Glenn
Under 8
Female Summer Moffat
Male Thomas Cahill
Encouragement Rhys O’Brien
Under 7 Gold Star
Female Keira Tangitu
Male Noah Anthony
Encouragement Rory Butler
Under 6 Gold Star
Female Gabrielle Dowden
Male Xavier Whittam
Encouragement Emmy Dwyer



carnival photo