It is time to celebrate-Save the date 1st June 2019

(early bird offer this year)

annual dinner flyer


How fabulous is our chopper?


SLS Lottery Tickets-now on sale new lottery opens this Sunday 24/02/19

Club Raffle has been drawn and the winners are

  1. Amanda Stuart (donated back to the club)
  2. Nicole Moffat
  3. Andrew Hatch
  4. Christine Morrison
  5. Terry Lowe

Do you have a Portal Account?

This system is for members of Surf Life Saving Clubs and affiliated entities. Creating an account is a multi-stage process that requires First Name, Last Name, Date of Birth, Gender, Email and/or Mobile to match the members details recorded in the National Membership database (Surfguard).This portal currently contains access to your surf lifesaving records (including memberships, patrol hours/rosters, awards and personal details), a file library, a central news and information area, and a forms and workflow area.

Create your account by going to

Annual Report & Financial Statements


Lifesaving Pathways 

What is Pathways?

The Pathways project is all about showcasing the enormous depth and breadth of opportunities that surf lifesaving opens up to all, regardless of age, gender, shape or size. We’ve used real volunteers to share real stories about their involvement within the movement, how it’s shaped them personally and benefited them professionally.

The project aims to serve two purposes:
· Internal recruitment and engagement – with the aim of more members sharing the load and further developing themselves; and
· External recruitment – new members joining the organisation with a better understanding of where surf lifesaving can take them.